Spitfire BS435 – F-FY

611 Squadron RAF – West Lancashire

The aircraft on display is a Supermarine Spitfire Mark IX “c” wing. The “c” wing could carry either four 20mm cannon or two 20mm cannon and two 0.5in Browning machine guns. This time the cannon took the outer position and the machine guns the inner. This was partly because it gave more room for machine gun ammunition and partly because the bombs were carried below the inner gun positions, and there had been some problems reported when both cannon and bombs were on the same part of the wing.The “c” wing appeared in the second half of 1944.

The Spitfire is a replica and was originally commissioned by the 610 Squadron Association. During her time with 610 she carried the markings DW-D and was stationed in Hangar 3 at Hooton Park, the original Liverpool Airport. She was purchased by the Fylde Spitfire Memorial Fund in 2009 and following a full refurbishment was painted with 611 RAF West Lancashire Squadron markings.

In 1939 the Squadron went for summer camp to Duxford in Cambridgeshire never to return to Speke as it was called up for war duty. 611 excelled in cover of the UK whilst France fell to the Nazis, patrolled high above the Dunkirk beaches during the evacuation, played an active part in the Battle of Britain, took a very active part in the ill-fated Dieppe raid, covered the Normandy landings, escorted bomber intrusions over occupied France and later, with Mustangs, was able to provide long range bomber cover for both RAF and USAAF raids deep into Europe.

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